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The Simplified Planner actually has a little pocket in the front cover so I may have to do that to keep myself on top of notes and cards.

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Taking some time to sit down and including some of these things in your new planner for the upcoming year can really help set yourself up for success. Leave some room in the left margin of the page to add Signifiers to mark important entries. As many times as you like.

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She has been married to her best friend for nine years and is a mother to three kids all under the age of five who keep her on her toes most days! Try really hard to schedule in some date nights once or twice a month if your budget allows. This calendar format works great as a checklist or for shift and employee scheduling. Get the crowd moving in your direction at the next event!

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One thing I like to add to mine is a reminder to send a card about a week before an anniversary, etc.

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Add your school, club, organization or business logo or message to create a great promotional item for students, education conferences, and more. The arrangement is clean and easy to read, and allows plenty of room to write important dates, phone numbers, appointments and other information. But there are some things that cannot be ignored, like calling your mom on her birthday. Add or replace item to avoid additional requests to products.

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